Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Well, I hope everyone had a Happy New Year and that things are calming down for you!  I know Christmas always gets me all wound up.  I have some New Year's Resolutions, as I'm sure we all do.  They are different this time, I will be posting those soon.  I think maybe if they are written down they are sort of "etched in stone" and I'll be accountable, if to no one else but myself.  My main theme for this year is Baby Steps. My goals will never be accomplished if I think I can do them all at once, which is how I've always tried.  So, once step at a time!  (And maybe just a few book challenges this year!)

A friend of mine sent this to me last year and I kind of lost it on the way.  I think it's a good reminder to stay positive.  We could all use a little more positive!

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