Monday, February 27, 2012

Show Yourself...Please =)

Suey at It's All About Books made me aware last month of a de-lurking day in the blog world.  I never knew that such a day existed! 

Since I'm incredibly late, I decided to have my own de-lurking day. I love my regular followers and their comments; it's fantastic to have friends that I've never met but feel like I've known for years.

But, I was recently looking at the blog stats the Blogger provides and saw that I have readers in the Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Russia and so many more places!  Do you know how excited that makes me?!?!  Not that there are readers out there, but that there are people out there that I could connect with...all over the world!

So, this is my plea.....wake up and show yourself please =) 

If you are a lurker, reader, follower that doesn't usually leave comments...will you leave one today?  I would love to know who you are and if you have a blog I could follow too!

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