Monday, October 5, 2015

Mr. Mercedes

Mr. Mercedes
by Stephen King

448 pages
11 CDs

Published June 2014
Read September 2015

Stephen King has created a monster with this novel.  Retired detective Bill Hodges is tormented by the murders he left unsolved.  A killer, dubbed Mr. Mercedes, drove through a crowded field of unemployed civilians standing in line for work.  One day he gets a letter from Mr. Mercedes himself, taunting him into action.  Hodges is conducting his own investigation into Mr. Mercedes, all while trying to hide it from the actual detectives on the case.

This was a good storyline; however, as I was listening to this audio book, there were some parts that I cringed at, or maybe winced at is a better description.  I know it's reminiscent of King to create these spine-tingling, cringe-worthy scenarios, but I just wasn't into it.  I was disturbed by most of the book.  It really was a good read and worthy of any King fans attention, but I'm still on the fence on whether I will read the sequel, Finders Keepers.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Promise Not to Tell

Promise Not to Tell
by Jennifer McMahon

258 pages

Published April 2007
Read August 2015

Kate Cypher came back home to Vermont to take care of her mother who has Alzheimer's. On the very night she gets home, the murder of a young girl occurs that mirrors a murder from Kate's youth; one of her friends, who was bullied and teased, was brutally killed 30 years before.  Now she is fighting her past and her present in order to figure out who is killing these girls in her hometown.

I think I've found a new author that I want to follow!  That hasn't happened in a long time.  After reading The Winter People, I went in search of this novel.  I new it was McMahon's debut novel after visiting her website.  I'm so glad I did, it was a fast read with a good story.  Granted there were a few holes that left me with questions, but it was a good read nonetheless.  I'll definitely be searching for more.

Monday, September 21, 2015

The Dragon in the Sock Drawer

The Dragon in the Sock Drawer
Dragon Keepers #1
by Kate Klimo

192 pages

Published 2009
Read September 2015

Jesse's parents are missionaries living abroad so, for the time being, he is living with his cousin Daisy and her parents.  Jesse and Daisy are out exploring and looking for rocks since her father collects them.  Jesse picks up a rock that speaks to him.  It calls him by name and asks for him to "Let me out!".

Before they know it, they have a baby dragon on their hands, and no amount of Googling about dragons tells them how to care for one.  They stumble across a strange and magical website that warns of the dangers of Dragon Slayers and how they were chosen as the Dragon Keepers.

This is a really fun, cute read!  It's a middle grade book that I wish was around when I was younger.  I would have consumed this series very quickly!  The author has done a great job of portraying a story without talking down to the reader.  Some middle grade books I have read tend to talk down to the reader.  I know middle grade books are aimed at children, but they don't need to read See Spot Run all their lives.  This book has some meat on its bones and it would be perfect for my son after he's done with The Magic Tree House Series.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Favorites #13: Fall Decor

I love Fall!  Not as much as Winter, but Fall gives me the feeling that seasons are changing.  Football is starting, school is back in session, season premieres are on their way back to tv.  I am in love with the feeling of Fall; the warmth, the welcome feeling of togetherness, and the cooler weather.  Decorating for Fall is one of my favorites things, plus I get to surround myself in Pumpkin Pecan Waffle and Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte scents and soaps from Bath & Body Works.  Love those!

Fall Letter Board - Tatertots and Jello
I follow this blog all the time and she has some really neat DIY decor ideas.  This board looks easy to create, but would add a certain class to where ever you hang it!

Fall Front Door Basket Wreath - Stone Gable
I love the simplicity of this basket wreath.  It embodies the idea of fall with the gorgeous leaves, berries, and sunflowers.

Fall Mantel - Landee Lu
My mantel, if I had one, would most definitely look like this.  Love it!

Fall Front Porch - Between Naps on the Porch
Love the scarecrow and pumpkin topiaries.

Fall Centerpiece - The Idea Room
I love this simple yet sophisticated centerpiece!

Fall Mantel - Adventures in Decorating
Another gorgeous mantel all decorated for fall.

Fall Hurricane Vases - Amanda Jane Brown
Corn in the bottom of these vases is a great touch for fall!

Fall Outdoor Ladder Display - Midwest Living
All the pumpkins and mums are just so welcoming around this rustic ladder.

Fall Hay Bale - Raising Kids and Crafting Too
The orange bow does wonders for this hay bale craft.  I may make this one today!

Countdown to Halloween - Scrapbook Expo
Cannot wait until I can do this!  I love this countdown!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Mile 81

Mile 81
by Stephen King


Published January 2012
Read August 2015

Love the short stories on audio from Stephen King.  They are short, scary, and wonderful!  I love the shorter audiobooks that make me feel like I've accomplished something. 

This story felt like what would happen if Christine went terribly wrong?  Like way off track!  It's a story about a car that can get enough and some really brave children.  At points I felt like the children were portrayed to be older than King set their age.  But, it didn't take away from the story.

Short story, short review. It was Stephen King...of course it was good!

In November, Stephen King will publish another collection of short stories called The Bazaar of Bad Dreams....can't wait!!