Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Favorites #10: Wedding Dresses

Tis the season for weddings!  Many people are putting the final touches on their gorgeous summer affair.  My 11th anniversary is coming up at the end of the month, and one of my sisters is getting married in August.  Yay!  I love to plan a party and help decorate, and while she has her own wedding planner, that doesn't mean I can't look and offer big sister advice =)

I've been looking at everything, but one of my favorite things to look at are the dresses!  What little girl didn't have her wedding planned at 10 years old?!  I knew exactly what I wanted my dress to look like; however, when I was tasked with actually looking for a dress for my own wedding, I was overwhelmed with the choices!!  There are so many amazing dresses to choose from.  Here are a few of the dresses and styles that I love.......

This dress is by far my favorite! It comes from the Stella York 2015 Collection.  I love the classy look and the lacy look really appeals to me.  My own dress was lacy and I loved it!  This dress is stunning. If I had to do it all over again, this would be my dress!

This one comes from the Amelia Sposa 2014 Collection and I think it's gorgeous!  Can you tell I love lace?  My dress and the lacy long sleeves as well.  They are surprisingly cool and not itchy like I thought. This dress just radiates class and sophistication.

I am a sucker for the Vintage, Old Hollywood, Roaring 20s style.  It's elegant, sophisticated, and quite stunning.  Check out the Brit + Co article All That Jazz to find more of this head-turning looks!

Last but not least, the fairy tale wedding complete with the princess dress!  If I could afford a wedding of my dreams with all the most beautiful details of a fantastic story, I would be a princess bride with the big, poofy dress, straight out of Cinderella.  Love it!  Alfred Angelo even designed a Disney Princess Collection.

Do you have a dream dress?

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Vampire Mountain

Cirque Du Freak: Vampire Mountain
The Saga of Darren Shan Series #4

by Darren Shan

208 pages

Published Sept 2003
Read April 2015

I'm pleasantly surprised about this series!  They are easy to read and very entertaining.  This one I put down halfway through, only because I was determined to finish Outlander.  I picked it right back up as if I never stopped reading it.

Darren, Mr. Crepsley, and a few friends make a long trek up to Vampire Mountain.  During their journey they encounter more than a few obstacles before they reach their destination.  Finally at Vampire Mountain, Mr. Crepsley must face the Vampire Princes in order to explain why Darren is the youngest vampire in over 90 years.  In this fourth installment, we learn a little more of Mr. Crepsley's back story, we meet a few more of his old friends, and we dig into the inner workings of the council of vampires.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Saturday, April 4, 2015


Cornelia Funke

534 pages

Published June 2005
Read March 2015

Cornelia Funke has created a world much like the one in Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next novels. (I loved those! Start with The Eyre Affair!)  In Mr. Fforde's novels, a Jurisfiction Agency polices the BookWorld, hopping in and out of novels reigning in literary criminals.  On the other hand, in Ms. Funke's Inkheart, she shows us a time when the reader could read a passage from a book out loud and the characters come alive.  As avid readers, we all know that is why we read....because the words on the page come alive in our minds.  It's all like a grand movie playing out in our heads, with our images and our scenes.  What if that could really happen?

Ms. Funke has given us an alternate reality in which characters from a novel can create utter chaos in the real world.  Reading out characters is one thing, but disaster can strike when one of the worst villains comes alive!  Inkheart is a fantastic adventure not to be missed!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Friday Favorites #9: A Wreath for All Seasons

I love giving gifts, especially if I've created it myself....there is a certain pride in that.  A few weeks ago I got a present!  My friend Stacy put together this wreath for me, how awesome is that?!  This wreath is special because it is made with the eggs that we used to hide for our children at the many egg hunts we hosted together.  We've since stopped the egg hunts, but it's nice to know those eggs are now hanging on our doors! 

One of the crafts I can't wait to get into is making wreaths.  Hopefully, I can get to the point where I have a handmade wreath for each season and holiday.  I have an entire Pinterest board devoted to wreaths....A Wreath for All Seasons.  I love them!  I have some sort of wreath to hang for almost every season, but I didn't have an Easter wreath.  I have a Spring wreath, but nothing specifically for Easter, so this is a really great gift!

Today I thought I'd go through my wreath board on Pinterest and show you some of my favorites that I can't wait to make!

The 4th of July is coming soon and this is one I definitely want to get done before then.  I love how simple it is, yet how elegant it looks.  The colors pop and it's just gorgeous!  This wreath was created by Amy from That Winsome Girl.

Halloween is so fun to me.  I love the creativity of some of the costumes and the influx of trends you see each year.  This past year I saw so many Elsa and Anna costumes!  I love this wreath and how creative it is.  The hat and feet of the witch go beyond the common circular wreath to bring life to the holiday!  This wreath was created by CreativeTwists on Etsy.  While it's no longer available, she has plenty of other gorgeous creations!

I absolutely love this one!  It's beautifully sparkly and wound with pretty silver beads!  I have all the stuff to make this one (and many others) I just need to get the motivation to make it!  This gorgeous creation was made by Jonie at Just Between Friends.

Look at those colors!!  The tri-colored beads represent the colors of Mardi Gras.  I love these colors together and have plenty of Mardi Gras beads to put to use!  I used to live in New Orleans and attended many daytime Mardi Gras festivities as a child.  Lots and lots of beads...  This wreath was created by Brittany at Sew In Love.  She also has an Etsy shop where she creates birthday party decor!

All teachers should be appreciated and what better than a homemade wreath!  This wreath is so cute.  I think we will be making this one for our teacher this year =)  This was created by Jill at Crafty Creations.

I hope that some of these have sparked your interest in your next wreath creation!  I'd love to see a link to a few of your favorites!