Sunday, September 4, 2016

Blueberry Muffin Murder

Blueberry Muffin Murder
(Hannah Swensen Mysteries #3)
by Joanne Fluke

328 pages

Published February 2002
Read August 2016

Lake Eden is getting ready for their annual Winter Carnival.  This year's carnival will host celebrity chef Connie Mac and her team as they promote her new book and her new boutique opening up at a mall nearby.  Connie Mac's sweet exterior has everyone fooled....except for Hannah.  Many people have many motives when Connie Mac turns up dead in The Cookie Jar, Hannah's bakery.  Now that her shop is a crime scene, she has more time on her hands to go looking for the killer.

I can't stress enough how much I love Hannah and these books!  The Hallmark shows started my obsession, but these books really are fast fun reads and the characters have personalities that stick with the reader.  Outside of Harry Potter, I've never devoured a series as fast!

Friday, September 2, 2016

The Girl On The Train

The Girl on the Train
by Paula Hawkins

336 pages
9 CDs

Published January 2015
Read August 2016

Rachel Watson takes the train into London every morning at the same time.  On this route, the train stops directly in front of a row of houses, letting Rachel in on a few fleeting moments of Jess and Jason's life together.  She fantasizes about what their life must be like, but she doesn't even know their names.  She begins to feel as if she's become a part of their lives until she sees something she shouldn't have seen.  She goes to the police and becomes more involved in this whole fiasco than she ever meant.

I had a hard time with these characters.  None of them have any good qualities!  You never knew who you want to come out on top in the end. With that said, it was a good story with some very realistic scenarios that make you want to slap the main character.  I am extremely interested in seeing the movie though!  All in all it was a good read, and despite the issues I had, a very fast can't-put-it-down type of novel.  You just want to get to the end to see who did it!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Me Before You

Me Before You
by Jojo Moyes

384 pages
12 CDs

Published December 2012
Read August 2016

Will Traynor lives the good career, any woman he wants, cars, motorcycles, money....he had it all.  Now he is bound to a wheelchair after an accident that severed his spine.  He needs round the clock care and his mother has hired Louisa Clark.  Louisa is an ordinary girl living an ordinary life.....good but low-paying job, steady but boring boyfriend, family that loves her but struggling to make ends meet.

These two individuals could not be more opposite.  Will is now struggling with the idea that he will never do what he used to do and Louisa isn't taking it.  She does not sugar coat things or let him be down in the dumps every minute of every day.  Louisa uses her time to plan exciting adventures and outings in order to keep Will active and busy until she learns what he's been planning all along.

I have not read a book that made me ball like this before.  Ugly cry, heaving sobs, snotty nose balling by the end of this book.  I am almost afraid to watch the movie.  I would have to do it alone!  Even though this novel deals with some strong, heavy issues, it is a fast-paced read that takes the reader to unfamiliar places.  Great story!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Faithful Place

Faithful Place
(Dublin Murder Squad #3)
by Tana French

400 pages
16 CDs

Published July 2010
Read August 2016

This third novel follows Frank Mackey, the undercover boss from the previous novel.  When he was 19 years old, he and his girlfriend, Rosie, made plans to run away to London, to escape the poor excuse of a life they were living.  They set a date, time, and place to meet, but she never showed up.  Mackey waited for hours, but she was just gone.  He never saw her again.  Assuming she ran away without him, he left town for good and never looked back.  Twenty two years later, Rosie's suitcase is found behind a fireplace in an old abandoned house in the same neighborhood she disappeared from.  Frank is hesitant, but heads back to his parents' house in order to solve Rosie's disappearance.

I didn't like this one as much as the first two Dublin novels.  There was a slower-paced feel to the whole thing.  The characters didn't resonate with me.  Frank Mackey from the second novel was hard, rigid, no bs, undercover boss.  The kind that emits a you-hesitate-you-die sort of attitude.  The Frank Mackey we followed in this novel was just regular.  Maybe that's how the author meant it, but I felt a little disconnected from this character.  With that said, the premise was a good one.  I was just a little distracted by the characters.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Strawberry Shortcake Murder

Strawberry Shortcake Murder
(Hannah Swensen Mysteries #2)
by Joanne Fluke

320 pages

Published March 2001
Read August 2016

Lake Eden, Minnesota has been chosen by a big flour company as the location for their dessert bake-off.  It will all be televised and Hannah is ecstatic to have been chosen as the head judge.  When one of the other judges, a local high school coach, turns up dead, Hannah is sure that the publicity will hurt instead of help their town.  Hannah tries to play detective while looking into the coach's murder, but she just may have landed herself in hot water.....with the local police and the murderer.

I love these books.  I love a series and I love a murder mystery.  Ever since I discovered the Murder She Baked Hallmark movies, I just had to read these books!  I have not been disappointed.  I adore Hannah Swensen's sassy character!  On to the next murder mystery!